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This pen won't let you down!

If you need a 100% reliable pen, the STABILO worker+ rollerball is your choice! Enjoy the flexibility of a liquid-ink pen which is ideal for both writing and design activities.

STABILO worker+
Rollerball pen

The STABILO worker+ is a liquid-ink rollerball for professional users. It comes in four popular ink colors: black, blue, green and red. The indestructible rollerball tip and smooth, non-slip shaft provide an extremely soft writing feel. Available in two line widths (medium and fine).

The tool for hard work

Where comfort, durability, reliability and extended use are concerned, the STABILO worker+ rollerball is a must. It is the perfect tool for any professional who needs the flexibility of a liquid-ink pen that is ideal for both writing and design activities. The STABILO worker+ is available with either a 0.3mm (fine) or a 0.5mm (medium) indestructible tip and with blue, black, green or red liquid-ink. The whole pen shaft has a non-slip surface, making extended periods of intense work fly by without aching or cramping. All four ink colors come in a bright orange shaft. The medium tip ensures a smooth feeling, and the worker+ fine aids accurate writing. Whether note-taking, writing a personalised letter, marking out measurements for crafts or doing fine art work, this popular workhorse of a pen is certain to make light work of any hard task. This rollerball is the high-quality solution for the exacting professional, whether at work, at school or in the studio.
STABILO worker+ Wallet of 4
STABILO worker+ Wallet of 4
4 colors fine; 2016/4
STABILO worker+ Wallet of 4
STABILO worker+ Wallet of 4
4 colors medium; 2018/4
STABILO worker+
STABILO worker+
Available in 4 colors and 2 line widths (F/M); 2016/xx
Product features:

Product features:

  • High-quality rollerball in 4 different pen and ink colors
  • Progressive liquid-ink technology
  • Smooth, smudge-free writing
  • Non-slip surface for comfortable grip
  • Accurate handwriting, whatever the paper quality
  • Line width 0.5mm, deal for most general uses around the home, school or office

green 2016/36 red 2016/40 blue 2016/41 black 2016/46

Add some color to your life!

STABILO worker+ comes in four colors.

SOFEA - Sustainable Choice

STABILO is committed to the responsible use of natural resources. Our aim is to minimise environmental pollution by using state-of-the-art technology and materials.

As a member of SOFEA, a non-for-profit European association that encourages sustainability in the European industry for office supplies, STABILO supports the aim to make product data more transparent so that end-users are able to make well-considered and sustainable purchasing decisions.

STABILO worker+ individual pen is rated with the mark B – excellent level. Products with this rating have high level of overall sustainability performance. This typically reflects product environmental features above the market average, often together with limited impacts in manufacturing and commitment in company management.

The STABILO worker+ wallets are rated with a C-level score that stands for a plus level of sustainability. Products of this category have an average overall sustainability performance, commonly reflecting standard products features, often combined with average practices in manufacturing and company management.

Ranking for individual pens:

Click here for more information about SOFEA and the rating system.

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