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Express yourself with colors
German quality
For more than 165 years


With the new STABILO FREE Acrylic marker, the only rules are your rules. Discover the manyfold creative possibilities now.

STABILO FREE Acrylic Marker

  • Acrylic marker with pigmented, water-based ink
  • three models with different tips and line widths in up to 20 colors
  • can be used on many surfaces, e.g. canvas, stone or synthetic leather
  • opaque, permanent, waterproof, light- and weather-resistant
  • paint can be blended when wet, dry layers can be overpainted.
  • silk-matt after drying
  • environmentally aware: pens are made of more than 50% recycled plastics.

Application instructions:
  • easy activation by shaking and pumping (shake pen for 30 seconds with cap on, pump paint into tip 2-3 times)
  • replace cap after use
  • horizontal storage for long life



The STABILO FREE Acrylic marker is more than just a pen. It is an opportunity. Now you can bring your ideas to life in totally new ways – without any fears or doubts holding you back. No matter if it is your sneakers, your furniture, or your bike – give your favorite items a unique new design and turn them into real originals.
How far will you go? What will you come up with? It is all up to you.

So, what are you waiting for?


You are afraid to draw the first line? Or you have doubts that your results will live up to your expectations?
No worries. All creatives have been there.

Creatives like the outstanding talents that we united here.
Find out how they overcame their own fears and how they bring the STABILO FREE Acrylic marker to use.


The work of the Berlin based graphic designer and illustrator is full of empowering messages. Her message to you: Just keep moving.


The German-Brazilian artist wants to transport positivity and emotions and draws inspiration from his multicultural background.


The former professional ice hockey player decided to go all in with his art and loves to design on sneakers and wooden surfaces.


The graphic designer with a love for typography and lettering turns everyday objects into unique pieces in her own style.


Frequently asked questions about our STABILO FREE Acrylic Marker range.
The tips of the STABILO FREE Acrylic T100 and T300 are sharpened on both sides. They can be removed and rotated.
The STABILO FREE Acrylic can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as stone, wood, paper, canvas, plastic or metal. (Please note that the marker could also be used on glass, but the experience/result is not as good as on other surfaces.)
No, the colors are permanent after drying. Therefore, when using them, the work surface should be covered and clothing be protected. The exception is particularly smooth surfaces, where an abrasion could be tried.
Yes, the inks of the acrylic markers are opaque. However, the opacity depends on the color used and the background.
The STABILO FREE Acrylic should not be left without the cap for longer than 10 minutes.
First, shake the closed STABILO FREE Acrylic marker vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Then remove the cap and press ("pump") the tip several times on a piece of paper until the tip is filled with ink.
A fixing spray is not necessary. However, if the paint is applied to everyday objects or particularly smooth surfaces, a fixing spray could be beneficial for a longer lasting.
The STABILO FREE Acrylic is available in three variants: T100 (10 colors, round tip, 1-2mm), T300 (20 colors, round tip, 2-3mm) and T800C (10 colors, chisel tip, 4-10mm).
The STABILO FREE Acrylic should be stored horizontally at room temperature.
Yes, the colors of STABILO FREE Acrylic can be mixed before drying, directly on the respective surface. They can also be blended with water until dry.
Yes, after the colors have dried, they are basically waterproof and weatherproof. However, the water and weather resistance varies, depending on the pen color and the surface.
There are currently no refills available for the STABILO FREE Acrylic Markers.
The STABILO FREE Acrylic marker contains a water-based pigmented ink. This ink is lightfast, waterproof and opaque on a wide range of surfaces.
The exact drying time depends on the amount of ink applied and the surface.