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Express yourself with colors
German quality
For more than 165 years

STABILO worker+ colorful

For a smooth writing experience

Gentle writing experience

The tip of the rollerball glides particularly gently over the paper and ensures a pleasant writing experience.

Robust tip

Durable: thanks to the robust tip, the STABILO worker+ colorful glides over the paper for a particularly long time without scratching.

Non-slip surface

The soft surface ensures a comfortable hold of the pen and a secure hold.

Practical clip

Whether in the shirt pocket or directly on the notebook: thanks to its practical clip, the STABILO worker+ colorful is the perfect companion for on the go.
A professional for professionals

In order to meet the very high demands of those who write a lot, a pen must have special properties in terms of quality, technology and design - a matter of course for the STABILO worker+ colorful. The advanced free-ink technology of the rollerball ensures a smooth writing experience. High writing speed and clear typeface are a matter of course thanks to the fast rollerball. Its indestructible tip glides rapidly over the paper when writing. The ergonomic design enables the pen to be held in the best possible way and thus ensures long, fatigue-free writing. The complete rollerball pen is equipped with a non-slip and velvety soft surface. The practical roll stop on the shaft prevents you from rolling off the table when things get hectic. Its colorful look is a welcome exception in the uniformly silver-grey rollerball market.

The STABILO worker+ colorful rollerball with medium tip (0.5 mm line width) in a pack of 4 with the writing colors blue (41), black (46), green (36), red (40).

  • high-quality rollerball pen with advanced technology
  • particularly gentle writing experience
  • Sturdy tip glides across paper without scratching
  • non-slip surface for optimal grip
  • practical clip for on the go
  • Cap can be attached to the end of the pen
  • Line width: medium (0.7 mm)
  • available in 4 writing colours

Article number:




Color description:

black (46), blue (41), green (36), red (40)





Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Line width (mm):

0,5 mm



Shaft color:

in writing color

Ventilated cap:


Visible on dark surfaces:



no specification