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STABILO highlighters

For more efficient learning and working

For over 50 years, highlighters from STABILO have been helping people in offices, home offices, universities and at home to keep an eye on what's important and to quickly find what's important in texts.

They provide creative impetus and inspiration when working and learning, and simply make everyday life a little easier.

All highlighters (excluding pastel)

Frequently asked questions:

Highlighters can be used to underline important passages in texts either with the pointed side of the chisel tip or to paint over them with the broad side. In either case, the text underneath remains legible. In addition, great effects can also be achieved with highlighters when painting or using creative techniques such as journaling.
There are 10 highlighters from STABILO, three of which are each also available in a pastel variant: STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL (pastel), GREEN BOSS (pastel), BOSS EXECUTIVE, BOSS MINI, BOSS SPLASH, swing cool (pastel), NEON, Shine, LUMINATOR, NAVIGATOR and flash.
Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question because it depends on many factors, such as the paper used (and its absorbency), the temperature, the humidity and also whether the narrow side is used for underlining or the wide side for highlighting.