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For colorful creativity

STABILO ARTY is for the creators, the players, the tryers, the wanna-have-funs, the daredevils and for all those who wish to get more out of their life by making it a bit more colorful.

Think outside the box, express yourself, create, enjoy, design it your way, choose your tools, be reckless, find your style! ARTY consists of no less than the best tools for all drawing styles on paper, as well as an endless source of color and a wide variety of tips and leads. All you have to do is choose and get going!
Graphite pencil


With the classic, hexagonal STABILO Othello pencil in the familiar stripe design, you can get started right away. Whether you want to paint, sketch or shade, write or design - the different shades of gray set no limits to your creativity. With twelve degrees of hardness from very soft (4B) to very hard (4H) and the break-proof lead, the STABILO Othello is the perfect tool for your drawings. 
Aquarellable colored pencil


You can be creative where and how you want. The STABILOaquacolor offers countless possibilities and plenty of creative freedom. With it, you are perfectly equipped to experiment with lines and colors, with shading and effects. You can use it dry or with water, paint on dry or wet paper and achieve incredible effects. It is even possible to pick up the paint directly from the tip with a brush. 
Sustainable colored pencil


You want to be creative and protect the environment at the same time? Then the STABILO GREENcolors is the right choice. It is made from 100% FSC®-certified wood and thus combines color variety, quality and sustainability in one pencil. With its hexagonal barrel and matte finish, it also feels comfortable in the hand.

STABILO point 88

Every work of art begins with a line. Which pen would be better suited for this than the STABILO point 88 fineliner? Many lines create shapes, ornaments and patterns that come together to form a complete work. The well-known fineliner is available in a wide range of colors, so you always have a free choice and can design your pictures individually.
Ultimate contouring fineliner

STABILO pointMax

The sturdy nylon tip of the STABILO pointMax felt tip pen glides quickly and smoothly over the paper, making drawing a real experience. The tip withstands even large projects with many details and different techniques. It also impresses with its color brilliance, 24-hour drying-out protection and practical clip.
Premium fibre-tip pen


Do you like to draw colorfully? The STABILO Pen 68 premium fibre-tip pen not only has a wide range of colors, but also high brilliance and opacity. Whether it's thick lines, hatching or large areas - the STABILO Pen 68 can master all challenges on paper. It is even watercolorable. Simply take a brush and watercolor paper and create unique effects.
Fibre-tip pen with a flexible brush tip

STABILO Pen 68 brush

When you take off the cap of the STABILO Pen 68 brush for the first time, you will immediately notice that you are holding a special pen in your hands. The flexible brush tip opens up completely new creative possibilities - from lettering to painting and shading to fine transitions. With a little water, you can also create great watercolor effects.
Highlighter pen


Highlighters like the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL can be used for more than just marking text. Its wedge tip is also ideal for painting, layout, scribbling and sketching. Thanks to its well-known quality and 4-hour dry-out protection, it can easily withstand long creative sessions. It is available in many neon and pastel colors. 
Multi-talented colored pencil

STABILO woody 3 in 1

Crayon, watercolor and wax crayon in one: The STABILO woody 3 in 1 is a real all-rounder for creative people. Its brilliant colors even paint on dark paper or glass, can be mixed and painted with water, and are extremely productive. Anyone who likes to test out new things and experiment will undoubtedly make the right choice with this multi-talented pen. 
Fibre-tip pen in a modern tube design


If you want to live out your creativity always and everywhere, you should pack the STABILO Cappi in your bag. Thanks to its cap ring, you always have all your pencils together. And the caps you take off can no longer get lost. Many brilliant colors, the robust tip and the 24-hour drying-out protection will convince even creative frequent artists.
Chalk-pastel pencil

STABILO CarbOthello

The STABILO CarbOthello chalk-pastel pencils are available in a range of 60 beautiful color shades. They can be dry-blended or smudged with either the fingertips or a blending stump to create a variety of artistic effects. Dramatic results can be achieved when used on dark backgrounds and delicate papers, too. Areas or outlines can be lightened or highlighted using the white pencil. Partially aquarellable, the pigments can also be worked brush and water. The contours will remain visible. These premium chalk-pastels have high pigmentation with excellent light-fastness – and for superior results the finished artwork can be treated with a fixative.
Thin lead colored pencil

STABILO Original

The STABILO Original is a robust colored pencil with a thin lead, and is thus the perfect tool for the precise drawing of clean, hair-thin lines. Whether you are an art student, amateur or professional artist, or simply someone with a high demand on colored pencils, this partially aquarellable pencil gives you the accuracy and flexibility to confidently work on any project.