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Why is the felt-tip pen called a felt-tip pen?

The felt-tip pen takes its name from the first markers developed at the beginning of the 20th century. There, felt was used for the tip, which was to bring the color on the paper.

Felt-tip pens today:

Today, the tip of a "felt pen" is usually made of polymer fibers. That is why modern felt-tip pens are also called fiber-tip pens. During production, these fibers are first pressed into their coarse form and then mixed with resin as an adhesive, among other things. During drying, fine pores are created in the fiber tip through which the ink later flows.

Not all felt-tip pens are the same:

The most widely used felt-tip pen in Germany is the Pen 68 from STABILO, which is now available in 65 colors. But the range of special fiber-tip markers for a wide variety of needs is now larger than ever. From thick, spring-loaded pens like the STABILO Trio Scribbi for young children, to felt-tip pens with glitter and metallic effects like the STABILO Pen 68 metallic, to special brush pens with a flexible brush tip for artistic handlettering like the STABILO Pen 68 brush, there is something for every taste and occasion. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Felt-tip pens have different applications depending on the construction of the tip and the composition of the ink. A classic felt-tip pen such as the STABILO Pen 68 is primarily suitable for color-intensive coloring. But it can also be used with a brush for watercoloring, for example, as long as the ink has not yet dried on the paper. Other felt-tip pens, such as the STABILO Pen 68 metallic or the STABILO Trio DECO, contain metallic particles in their ink. This allows them to create metallic glitter effects on normal paper, as well as particularly intense effects on dark and black paper or even smooth surfaces such as foils, glass or Christmas baubles. Brush pens such as the STABILO Pen 68 brush have a flexible brush tip and are therefore ideally suited for handlettering.  
Good quality felt-tip pens have properties that are precisely tailored to the needs of the target group (such as spring mechanisms in the tip for small children), have robust and therefore particularly durable tips and brilliant colors that do not dry out quickly...and most importantly: they make being creative simply fun!
Conventional felt-tip pens are generally only recommended for children when they have sufficient motor skills to be able to control the pressure when drawing, as otherwise the fiber tip would be damaged too quickly. However, there are also special felt-tip pens for children, such as the STABILO Trio Scribbi, which have a spring-loaded tip that is indestructible and therefore very suitable for smaller children. There is also a range of special pens such as the STABILO Pen 68 brush for handlettering or the STABILO Pen 68 metallic for painting with shimmering metallic effects. Otherwise, felt-tip pens are suitable for anyone who likes to paint with intense colors. Only the "strike through" of the ink with thinner paper should be considered.