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STABILO brush pens

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What is special about a brush pen?

A brush pen like the STABILO Pen 68 brush is a felt-tip pen with a longer and particularly flexible brush tip. It can be used to control the thickness of the stroke by varying the pressure. This is how the characteristic brushlettering script is created.

How does brushlettering work?

In order to achieve particularly beautiful results when lettering, a lot of pressure should be applied to smears in letters, if the letter gradient goes up again, minimal pressure is used. It is important that the pen is held parallel to the torso, as the greatest change in stroke width occurs when pressure is changed.

Frequently asked questions:

Brush pens can be used to change the thickness of the stroke when writing by varying the pressure. This creates the characteristic brushlettering script.

You can also use a brush pen to color large areas, which can be colored much faster. 
The special feature of brush pens is their flexible brush tip. By varying the pressure, they can be used to change the width of the stroke when writing, drawing or painting. A lot of pressure results in broad strokes and a lot of color. Little pressure, on the other hand, results in thin lines and little color on the paper.