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STABILO Education - Because we love writing

We make learning to write easier.

Pen and writing have always been close to STABILO’s heart. STABILO Education has set itself the goal of making learning to write easier.
We represent a unique writing concept that combines handwriting and digitalisation in a sustainable way. The innovative products for all age groups has been developed based on this idea, always with the aim of providing the best possible support in developing fluent and effortless handwriting.

The product portfolio includes digital pens and apps as well as a variety of digital and analogue learning materials and training courses.

The concept

Learning to write is comparable to learning to walk: the first steps are not perfect. On the contrary, learning success is achieved by falling down and getting up again – trial and error!

It is the same with learning to write: the main goal should not be a perfect typeface, but rather automation of the writing movements. Learning to write is mainly about training the writing motor skills. If the writing movements are not yet automated, you can draw letters, but you cannot write yet. This drawing of letters requires so much attention that it is impossible to concentrate on the content or the language of the text. It is therefore important to train the writing movements whose proper interaction leads to mature writing motor skills.

Writing motor skills are mainly composed of four different key skills:

They form the basis for fast and fluent handwriting. The motivating concepts contribute greatly to the development and strengthening of these skills.


The digital assistant for teachers and educators

The unique digital pen for teachers assists in the rapid assessment and individual support of writing motor skills in the classroom.

  • Designed specifically for use by teachers, the product creates an optimal symbiosis between writing on paper and digital analysis.
  • The integrated exercises complement the exercise books and teaching aids for writing motor skills training, thus forming a comprehensive overall concept.
  • The STABILO EduPen Neo achieves a unique combination of handwriting and digitalisation.
  • Distributed by the Sales Office Team of STABILO Education in Germany and Austria.


For occupational therapists

Simply and efficiently measuring writing motor skills.

  • The ErgoPen Neo provides evidence-base support for occupational therapists and increases their efficiency. 
  • When used, the pen detects anomalies in the patient’s writing motor skills and transmits them to the corresponding app. 
  • A quick analysis can thus be used as a basis for targeted therapy. 
  • Although it looks and feels like a normal pen, its inner workings and the analytic capabilities of the ErgoPen Neo app make it an innovative and indispensable tool for the everyday work of an occupational therapist. 
  • Distributed by the Sales Office Team of STABILO Education in Germany and Austria.