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STABILO: pens in trendy pastel colors

Discover our pastel world!

Soft and delicate: pastel colors are shades with a high proportion of white, which do not shine so intensely and therefore look very noble. Browse through our pastel world and discover our variety of products in light, pastel shades for your pencil case, desk or creative corner.
Mini highlighter pen

STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove 2.0

It's hard to imagine a world of highlighters without pastel. With the STABILO BOSS MINI Pastel Love Edition 2.0, the mini highlighters make positive statements that spread a whole lot of good cheer. The motifs were created in cooperation with artist Hannah Rabenstein and are only available in limited quantities. The six most popular pastel shades were chosen as colors: pale orange, frozen fuchsia, pink blush, hint of mint, touch turquoise and dusty grey. With these, a fresh breeze blows across desks and the sun rises! In the handy mini format, the small highlighters are an inspiring must-have for lettering lovers and soft color enthusiasts. Of course, they also score with the well-known STABILO quality for highlighting, underlining and designing. 
Highlighter pen

STABILO swing cool Pastel

With many trendy colors the STABILO swing cool Pastel is a real eye-catcher. Whether it's a dash of lime, mellow coral red, cherry blossom pink, cloudy blue, touch turquoise, milky yellow, pink blush, lilac haze, creamy peach, hint of mint, dusty grey, breezy blue, pale orange or frozen fuchsia: The light colors are the perfect complement to the bright neon colors. The STABILO Anti-Dry-Out-Technology prevents the pen from drying out and enables concentrated and carefree work when things take a little longer. The tip with two different line widths makes the pastel highlighter perfect for marking and underlining at the same time. Thanks to the clip, it holds on any pad or in your shirt pocket. Due to its narrow shape, it also does not take up much space, so you can carry many colors in your pencil case.
Highlighter pen


Pink blush or neon pink? Hint of mint or neon green? Touch turquoise or neon blue? Does a text always have to be highlighted in fluorescent colors? Not at all! If you want to show a sense for trends and mark discreetly, choose the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter in pastel shades. The patented STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology offers four hours of protection against drying out, ensuring concentrated work without a break. With its wedge tip and two line widths, it is hard to imagine desks without it and has been providing indispensable service in schools, universities, offices and homes for over 50 years.
Sustainable highlighter pen


The STABILO GREEN BOSS Pastel combines trends with quality and sustainability and is the perfect choice for all environmentally conscious customers. Made from 83% recycled plastic to conserve natural resources. The STABILO GREEN BOSS Pastel is available in four delicate pastel colors that bring a breath of fresh air to your notes. Thanks to the unique STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology, it draws your attention to your work. It can remain open without a cap for up to 4 hours without drying out. Thanks to the wedge tip, it can mark both thin (2 mm) and thick (5 mm) lines, allowing you to precisely highlight both large blocks of text and small fonts.
Ergonomic rollerball pen

STABILO EASYoriginal Pastel

The ergonomic STABILO EASYoriginal rollerball pen delves into the world of pastel shades. Right-handers can choose from four different colors: Cloudy blue, pink blush, lilac haze or hint of mint. For left-handers the color variants cloudy blue and pink blush are available. Thanks to the grip zone made of non-slip material, the rollerball fits comfortably in the hand. It promotes relaxed handling as well as soft writing without blotting or scratching. The tip is also replaced with each new cartridge, so long writing fun is guaranteed. The name inscription field eliminates the risk of confusion.
Ergonomic school fountain pen


Thanks to the ergonomic soft grip zone made of non-slip material, the STABILO EASYbuddy school fountain pen is equally suitable for right- and left-handers and fits comfortably and securely in the child's hand. Its casing is made of hard-wearing plastic and can therefore withstand the challenges of everyday school life. The nib with integrated iridium grain is available in variants for beginners, more experienced writers and left-handers. This means that it can be selected according to the child's needs (writing pressure, angle of inclination, handedness), which helps with easy writing and promotes neat handwriting. A technology specially developed for the STABILO EASYbuddy school fountain pen also minimizes the risk of ink leakage. Its extra-large viewing window for checking the ink level means you can see at any time how the two cartridges are doing.
Ergonomic school fountain pen


The key to developing neat handwriting is choosing the right writing instrument. It is not only the ergonomic design and the non-slip grip zone that make it the ideal companion for children in elementary school. Thanks to the 30-degree adjustable angle of the nib, the STABILO EASYbirdy also adapts to the child's individual hand position, ensuring clean writing - without blotting or scratching. A special edging on the nib prevents blue fingers while writing. Replacing the entire writing insert, including the ink conduit, allows for easy nib replacement and writing performance like on the first day. The two nib variants Standard (M) and Beginner (A) are available. The super robust school fountain pen is available in many color combinations for left- and right-handers. To avoid confusion in the classroom, the STABILO EASYbirdy has a practical name field.
Fountain pen


The STABILO Flow fountain pen is trendy, colorful and of high quality. With its trendy STABILO design and proven quality, this fountain pen will particularly appeal to teenagers with a love of delicate pastel shades. Ink blots are a thing of the past with the STABILO Flow. The fountain pen offers maximum spill protection. The high-quality stainless steel nib with iridium grain adds a beautiful touch to your own handwriting. It fits ergonomically in the hand and puts notes securely on paper in no time at all. It is also refillable with standard cartridges and one cartridge in royal blue is already included.
Ergonomic graphite pencil

STABILO EASYgraph Pastel

Particularly when learning to write, it is important to control the pencil without exerting too much pressure - otherwise the muscles tense up and the hand quickly gets tired. The moulded grips on the STABILO EASYgraph pencil, which are specially designed for left- and right-handers, ensure that young writers always have an optimum grip on their writing instruments. The pastel colors make learning to write even more fun and motivate them to practice.
Multi-talented colored pencil

STABILO woody 3 in 1

Children love it - because the STABILO woody 3 in 1 multi-talented pen embellishes window panes, lunch boxes, mirrors, CDs, blackboards and, of course, paper, cardboard and boxes! Parents stay relaxed - because the paint can be easily washed off glass surfaces, for example. The lead has eight times as much color as a normal crayon, which makes for extra-long coloring fun. The STABILO woody 3 in 1 fits perfectly in children's hands, and the thick lead means that everything quickly becomes colorful. The robust 10 mm lead withstands even the wildest children's rooms.
Adults with an artistic streak are also thrilled with the Mutlitalent. Whether great letterings on window panes or display cases, watercolor effects on light or dark paper or DIY projects: There are hardly any limits to creative freedom. With the pastel colors, delicate tones are also available in addition to the large selection of strong colors.