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The STABILO FREE Digital Studio for iOS Procreate opens up unlimited possibilities.

What is STABILO FREE Digital Studio for iOS Procreate?

STABILO FREE Digital Studio opens up unlimited possibilities. Creativity that knows no boundaries. Discover new things and dive into digital design worlds.

Find out everything about the unique STABILO Procreate brush sets, which were created in collaboration with Berlin-based designer Snooze One:

STABILO x Snooze One : Aqua Pack

STABILO x Snooze One : Outline & Color Pack

Start your Procreate journey with STABILO

Use the intuitive and easy-to-use iOS Procreate app on your iPad or iPhone and discover endless design possibilities: templates, letterings, expressive images, collages, 3D simulations or animations, everything is possible.

The extensive and effective brush packs were compiled together with the Berlin-based lettering artist Snooze One, who combines lettering, graffiti and street art in his art.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Intuitively, easily and quickly to discover new creative techniques and styles: our digital brush packs for the iOS Procreate app expand the app's brush palette
  • Also good for beginners: comprehensive companion videos with step-by-step instructions
  • Creativity in many dimensions: comprehensive, perfectly coordinated combination of a wide variety of tools
  • Secure, easy and convenient: order processing, payment and download via the STABILO shop on elopage

Unique STABILO Brush Packs for your Procreate palette

Expand your brush palette in iOS Procreate now with the STABILO x Snooze One brush packsThe extensive and effective brush packs were put together with Berlin-based lettering artist Snooze One, who combines lettering, graffiti and street art in his art.

STABILO x Snooze One: Aqua Pack

Attention all watercolor fans: With this brush pack you get a wide range of tools to realize your digital watercolor designs. Whether watercolor brush, texture brush or stamp brushes with color blobs - nothing stands in the way of your watercolor designs. The watercolor paper backgrounds included in the set make your pictures look even more realistic! Exclusive: Two STABILO pens are included in the set as digital Procreate Brushes: The STABILO woody 3 in 1 duo and the STABILOaquacolor.

STABILO x Snooze One: Outline & Color Pack

This Procreate brush pack is suitable for all lettering and street style lovers! The countless brushes allow you to realize digital letterings and motifs in graffiti look. The painted lines and their outlines can be realized in two colors together in one step. The set also offers you, among other things, stamp brushes for authentic effects in graffiti style - simply stamp in your design.


You can, and you're not alone. Snooze One shows you how to install, best set up and use the brushes:
Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to install and use them in Procreate and get started in the digital world of design.


You are a beginner? Don't worry, test yourself creatively and let us inspire you!
With our video tutorials, we'll show you how to easily create your digital designs with the two brush packs:


Discover the many creative possibilities with the STABILO FREE Acrylic Marker

You can also give your creativity free rein away from the tablet. Discover new dimensions with the STABILO FREE Acrylic markers.

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