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STABILO fineliners and writing felt-tip pens

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Fineliners are - as the name suggests - particularly suitable for precise writing and drawing. Introduced in 1977, the STABILO point 88 has been the best-selling fineliner in this category in Europe for years and is also often used synonymously with the STABILO brand in Germany. The fineliner with the edge stripes impresses with a wide range of colors and is extremely precise thanks to the tip encased in metal. With a line width of only 0.4 mm, it is perfect for drawing with a ruler. The well-known fineliner is available as a single pen in 65 colors as well as in various sets.

Fineliner with cushioned tip

If you need a fineliner for even thinner lines, take the STABILO SENSOR in "fine" with a line width of just 0.3 mm. Especially in red and green, it is the favorite pen for many teachers. The SENSOR is also available in an M version, which corresponds to a line width of 0.7 mm and results in slightly wider lines and smoother writing. Both versions have a spring-loaded tip, which makes them particularly durable and ensures a soft writing feel.

Writing felt-tip pens

The STABILO pointMax and STABILO GREENpoint felt-tip pens are the thicker versions of the point 88 and are particularly suitable for color-intensive writing, sketching and scribbling.

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Frequently asked questions:

In the production of fineliners, several thin plastic strings are "extruded" around a core. This means that the tip consists of numerous small plastic strands between which the ink flows. These strands are held tightly together by a metal frame, resulting in a particularly thin tip. Fineliners are therefore - as the name suggests - particularly suitable for precise writing and drawing.
The thinnest fineliner from STABILO is the SENSOR fine. It has a line thickness of just 0.3 mm and is therefore suitable for particularly fine drawing and writing (for example, for corrections in narrow spaces).
Felt-tip pens are particularly suitable for color-intensive and expressive writing, sketching and scribbling. In addition, a felt-tip pen provides relatively clear haptic and acoustic feedback when writing.

In the end, however, the use of the respective writing technology is always a question of personal preference. There are also cultural differences: in France, for example, felt-tip pens are much more popular for writing than fineliners, while in Germany it's the other way around for the most part.