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Learning to write advisor

Pen posture, writing motor skills and learning to write

Tips, downloads and inspiration for home and classroom use.

Handwriting made easy

A suitable pen position, an upright sitting posture and a page position adapted to the writing hand are the best prerequisites for relaxed writing.

Learning to write as a lefty

"I'll do it with my left hand" - even though this sentence sounds so easy, learning to write is often a big challenge for left-handers. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Picking up speed: writing faster

Especially in dictations or when copying from blackboard pictures, speed in writing counts. Targeted training makes it easier to write quickly.

Playfully improve illegible handwriting

What makes legible writing? What counts here is not that the letters look like they are printed, but that each letter is easily recognizable.

Some pencils and pens for learning to write