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For a smooth writing experience

The STABILO worker+ colorful with its progressive ink technology ensures a smooth, even ink-flow that makes writing a pleasure.

STABILO worker+ colorful
Rollerball pen

The STABILO worker+ colorful is a high-quality rollerball pen available in 4 colors, featuring liquid-ink technology for an extremely smooth writing feel.

Write smoothly in comfort

The STABILO worker+ colorful features progressive liquid-ink technology to ensure a smooth, even ink-flow that will make writing a pleasure. The colored shaft has a non-slip surface for a comfortable grip that is ideal for extended writing periods, and the ink dries within seconds to reduce smudging. Available in 4 colors: red, green, blue and black.
These rollerballs have a medium nib with a line width of 0.5mm, and are perfect for producing clear lines and smooth, smudge-free writing. The line width is ideal for most general uses around the home, school or office.
STABILO worker+ colorful Wallet of 4
STABILO worker+ colorful Wallet of 4
4 colors; 2019/4
STABILO worker+ colorful Wallet of 4
STABILO worker+ colorful Wallet of 4
4 blue pens; 2019/4-41
STABILO worker+ colorful
STABILO worker+ colorful
Available in 4 colors; 2019/xx
Product features:

Product features:

  • High-quality rollerball in 4 different pen and ink colors
  • Progressive liquid-ink technology
  • Smooth, smudge-free writing
  • Non-slip surface for comfortable grip
  • Accurate handwriting, whatever the paper quality
  • Line width 0.5mm for precise writing

green 2019/36 red 2019/40 blue 2019/41 black 2019/46

Add some color to your life!

STABILO worker+ colorful comes in four colors. Check them out!

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