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Writes on more than 1,000 surfaces

Including glass, plastic, foil, metal and ceramics

STABILO Write-4-all
Permanent marker pen

The Write-4-all, available in 4 common colours, is a permanent marker pen that is up to any task. Its ability to write has been tested on more than 1,000 surfaces.

Tough and durable

If you’re about to undertake an important job, always ensure your tools are up for the task. Whether you’re a tradesperson, a DIY-lover or just someone with a few jobs to do, this classic product will not let you down. Tested on more than 1,000 surfaces, it writes clear, crisp text that remains permanent. With three line widths to choose from (S, F and M), this pen makes jobs such as labelling photos and CDs or preparing glass and brick for cutting easy. And because this permanent marker pen is reliable under even extreme conditions such as cold, heat and rain, it is ideal for use in the garden, greenhouse or even the freezer.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Writes on more than 1,000 surfaces including glass, plastic, foil, metal and ceramics
  • Tough tip that writes clearly on hard surfaces
  • Reliable under extreme conditions
  • Perfect for safely labelling CDs and DVDs
  • Dries fast, frost-resistant and permanent
  • Available in superfine (0.4mm), fine (0.7mm), and medium (1mm) line widths

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