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Hand lettering & Brush lettering

Learn the first steps of the art of lettering or just get inspired by the many creative ideas.

What is Hand lettering?

Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters. Yes, read correctly - hand lettering is not about writing, but about drawing. Each letter is artistically drawn on the paper or other surfaces. There are no rigid rules, there are no limits to creativity and each letter is allowed to be individual. With different styles of writing, highlights, embellishments and decorations, you can make your work unique.

What is Brush lettering?

Brush lettering is a special form of hand lettering. The letters are designed with a brush pen - a pen with a flexible brush tip. This makes it possible to vary the pressure on the background and thereby create lines of different thicknesses in a flowing change. This technique requires some practice and feeling for the handling.

Which pens do I need for Hand- and Brush lettering?

Step by step to the first Lettering

How does watercolour and colour blending work?

Watercolour technique

There are various ways to create watercolour effects. For example, the STABILO Pen 68 or the STABILO Pen 68 brush are super suitable for this. You will also need watercolour paper and a brush. Either paint with the markers directly on the watercolour paper and then paint the different colours with a brush. You can also paint on a transparency first and transfer the colour from there to the paper with the brush. For a random effect, press the painted foil directly onto the paper and carefully brush over it. 

Colour blending

Colour blending is the creation of a smooth transition between two colour tones. One way to achieve this effect is to hold the lighter tip of a STABILO Pen 68 brush against the tip of a darker one, thus transferring colour. Alternatively, you can paint with the dark colour on a transparency and then pick it up with the tip of the lighter pen. If you now write on the paper, there will be a transition from the dark colour you picked up to the light colour of the pen you used.

Brushlettering tutorials

Are you fascinated by the artistically drawn letters and want to learn yourself how to do it using a brush pen?

In six tutorials, Evelyn from @zeitzumlettern explains the basics of brush lettering quickly and easily, so you can start your first attempts right away. In the first part of the video series, she shows you how to hold the brush pen correctly and gives important tips for getting started in the world of letter painting.

You can find the other videos on our YouTube channel. The other videos are about upper and lower case letters, the right spacing when lettering words or the creation of different effects, among other things.

Lettering guide

With the free STABILO Hand- and Brush lettering Guide - designed by Hannah Rabenstein you can get a perfect overview of the world of beautiful letters! The guide introduces you to the techniques and tools of hand and brush lettering and gives you tips and inspiration to find your style.

Learn all about the basics, techniques and effects of brush lettering. Realise great line effects and different stroke widths with the flexible brush tip. Besides the theoretical part, you'll find lots of inspiration and practice sheets as well as different alphabets and fonts in the guide.

STABILO Creative book

With the creative book - designed by Hannah Rabenstein - full of ideas for the most beautiful moments you come in a creative way through the whole year! Whether spring, summer festival, ideas for gift giving, interior or the next New Year's Eve party - it was thought of (almost!) Everything.

Hannah Rabenstein shows on over 100 pages very different, creative, colourful, but also sometimes classic application examples and design ideas for a variety of occasions. Numerous pictures, tips and tricks on materials as well as step-by-step instructions for each project will help you realise your creative ideas. It also includes 32 time-lapse videos (accessible via QR codes) that show step by step how to realise the projects.

More inspiration needed?

Discover many great ideas and projects on our website. You'll find templates to download and colour, decoration and DIY ideas, various artworks and letterings for inspiration, and video tutorials to guide you step by step.