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Express yourself with colours
German quality
For more than 165 years


Our colourful world

Founded more than 165 years ago in Nuremberg, you will still find us close by. Our creative heart still beats in Heroldsberg. Today, our pencils are manufactured in our own production facilities in three countries (Germany, Czech Republic and Malaysia) and you can already buy your favourite pens in over 180 countries - we're really happy about that.

Our heart beats for the creative people of this world.

At STABILO, we believe that everyone is born as a creative being with a head full of ideas. These ideas can go on to make our world a better place, a more colourful one, or a more fun one. That's why at STABILO, we do everything we can to help people express themselves creatively and bring their most precious ideas to life.

Even the greatest passion must be well organised.

So much enthusiasm flows into every working day that we have been able to develop into one of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in Europe. All of us, in other words, all our 1,500 fantastic colleagues, are part of the Schwan-STABILO group of companies, which fits under the umbrella of Schwanhäußer Industrie Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

Baboom! Baboom! Baboom!

That's how much our heart beats for our pens. We love it when people creatively go above and beyond with them. Whether they write, paint, draw or highlight enlightening thoughts. In fact, we love pens so much that we've spent over 165 years making their colours ever more vibrant and expressive - and the materials and manufacturing ever more sustainable. 

So happy to be part of your life.

Whether it's essays, notebook entries or the famous "will you go with me" notes, just about everyone has been creative with our pens.

We feel that connection with people every day and are grateful to play a role in so many of your lives. Whether it's signing important contracts - or secretly writing "yes, no, maybe?" with your heart pounding.

And this is what we feel like:

We believe in the power of positivity.

That's why we treat each other with respect and empathy. This is how we grow together and beyond ourselves. We help each other to give everything - and to take as little as possible from our planet.

Our great advantage is our diversity.

Because each of us has the courage to trust in and contribute our own strengths. This makes our teams as colourful as they are curious, and is the best prerequisite for great results.

We say what we think.

And then we do what we say.
Feedback is cool. In fact, it's one of our most important resources. It means we always know where we stand and achieve our successes even faster and more sustainably. One of the many advantages of our open and transparent culture.

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STABILO International GmbH is part of the Schwan-STABILO Group. The internationally active company has three independent business areas cosmetics, writing and outdoor.

Schwan Cosmetics is a leading private label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils and products worldwide. The four outdoor brands Deuter, Ortovox, Maier Sports and Gonso are renowned for their innovative spirit and highest quality.
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