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STABILO school fountain pens

Learning to write with a fountain pen - made simple

If writing with the STABILO EASYoriginal has been mastered, both with the correct grip position and the basic motor skills (speed, pressure, rhythm, and form), then the next step is a special school fountain pen. With this pen, children can refine their handwriting and develop an individual handwriting style. The STABILO EASYbuddy is an ergonomic school fountain pen which has been developed to provide the best possible support.

STABILO EASYbuddy - fully thought out.

The EASYbuddy is designed to meet the writing needs of children. The fountain pen has non-slip soft grip zones and promotes a relaxed pen posture which helps prevent premature muscle fatigue. With the extra-large viewing window, checking the ink level of both cartridges is a breeze and there are no nasty surprises during an exam. In addition, specially developed technology in the cap of the fountain pen results in optimised leak protection – no more blots on the paper due to leaking ink.

School fountain pens:


Frequently asked questions:

The answer depends very much on the child's motor skills.

Basically, there are two different writing technology options here: rollerball and fountain pen. Rollerball pens are preferable to fountain pens when children has not yet developed good and automated writing motor skills. However, if children are already achieving good results with a pencil, can apply pressure well and write fluently and rhythmically, then the fountain pen is a good choice.
A learn-to-write fountain pen or rollerball is a writing instrument designed for the needs and anatomical conditions of junior school children. In addition to ergonomic grip zones, the features of school fountain pens range from special nibs for beginners and left-handers, to special nib surrounds to prevent blue fingers, to particularly large viewing windows for the ink level and increased leak protection.