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Tell the world what’s important to you and your generation. We help you to raise your voice by spreading your message across the UK.

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Be part of our campaign by posting your statement with the hashtag #HighlightWhatMatters on your preferred social media channels. If you fill out the form below, we will create the visuals and send them to you.

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Your personal data will only be used for sending you the visuals via email and will be deleted afterwards. It can take up to three business days for us to email you the visuals. Since the visuals are created manually, we reserve the right not to be able to process all requests. If the demand is too high, the decision has to be made by lot. We also reserve the right not to implement messages with content that is incompatible with STABILO's brand values. There is no entitlement to have a visual created by us, nor is it possible for us to notify users whose visuals cannot be created. 

Anyone over the age of 16 living in the UK or Ireland is eligible to enter.  

By submitting the statement, I grant STABILO International GmbH (Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany) the right, free of charge, to use my statement in STABILO's advertising campaign "Highlight what matters" in the United Kingdom in 2023 and 2024 for all types of advertising materials, for the purposes of reproduction, publication, transmission, and making available to the public, as well as adaptation/modification according to STABILO's needs. I further grant my consent for the use of my first name in combination with the statement. I hereby represent and warrant that I possess all rights, powers, and authorities to grant the rights of usage of the statement. I can revoke my consent without a specific form within 14 days by contacting STABILO via email at

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#HighlightWhatMatters – Our campaign

What matters most to you and your generation? We at STABILO highlight selected social media statements, literally in the truest sense of the word – by showcasing them online and offline. This way we make your statement known to a much wider audience and by doing so we underline the relevance of your topics and kick-start change.