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Learning to write

The right fountain pen for enrollment

We'll help you choose your first school fountain pen to make learning to write a fun experience.

Fountain pen or rollerball?

If children write too slowly or too irregularly, if they press too hard or if it is difficult to read the result, it makes sense to use an ergonomic rollerball instead of a school fountain pen. This promotes a relaxed pen position and a clean typeface, even with increased writing pressure. If the correct pen posture and basic motor skills (speed, pressure, rhythm, form) are already working well with the pencil, we recommend that young writers use their first school fountain pen. With it, elementary school students can develop their own handwriting and handwriting style.

Kids write differently!

Writing skills and problems are as different as the children in a school class. Incorrect pen posture, uncontrolled hand movements and excessive writing pressure are difficulties that often occur even during the first attempts at writing.

Learn more about our EASY Learning to write system

For more than 10 years, STABILO has been a pioneer in the industry, developing special pens according to age, hand size and application - from the first attempts at colouring in kindergarten to improving writing skills in elementary school. Different versions for left- and right-handers make writing as comfortable as possible. Unique recessed grips adapted to hand size allow little fingers to intuitively find an uncramped and fatigue-free posture.