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STABILO products for learning to write

Learning to write with a system

Every new start has its challenges. Especially the one into the world of writing. STABILO has developed a colourful range of ergonomic pens and pencils that supports children in their learning to write journey.


STABILO learning-to-write system.

Since children's needs and abilities change greatly as they develop, we have developed a system that builds on each other. It always accompanies children, from drawing in preschool to learning to write and practicing writing throughout juniors.

The features of all these ergonomic handwriting products make writing comfortable and supports an intuitive, unstrained, and fatigue-free hand posture.


Colourful, ergonomic and appealing pens for children

Motivation plays a crucial role in children's learning process. That's why all the learn-to-write pens in the EASY family have a colourful and appealing design. Designed to make learning to write fun!


For this, the EASY family gets top marks from experts

Prof. Ralph Bruder (Head of the Institute for Work Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt) co-developed the pens and says: "For writing beginners, the predefined grip posture offers support in developing their own optimal grip posture. As a scientist, I can recommend STABILO EASY pens. Parents are making a good choice for their children."