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STABILO EASY learning to write system

Learning to write made easy

Every start has its challenges. Especially the wonderful world of writing and colouring. That's why STABILO has developed a colourful range of specially shaped pencils to help children learn and practice in preschool and elementary school.

Ergonomic pens especially for children's hands

For over 10 years, STABILO has been a pioneer in the industry, developing special pens according to age, hand size and application - from the first attempts at colouring in preschool to improving writing skills in junior school. Different versions for left- and right-handers make writing as comfortable as possible. Unique recessed grips adapted to the size of the hand enable little fingers to intuitively find an uncramped and fatigue-free posture.

The start of school life is exciting. Motivation is always a crucial component in the learning process. Since the needs and abilities of the next generation of writers change considerably during the period from preschool to the end of junior school, we have developed a system that builds on one another and optimally accompanies the children from drawing in preschool, through the period of "learning to write" in the 1st, 2nd and beginning of the 3rd grade, to "practicing writing" in the 3rd and 4th grade at any time.
Step 1


Drawing is the first step in the process of learning to write. The most important factors for the first painting experiences are a high colour variety, break-proof leads and a comfortable hand position. The recessed grips on our STABILO EASYcolors pencils support the intuitive learning of the recommended tripod grip and help to develop the correct pencil posture for learning to write later.
Step 2

Learning to write

Here it is important to guide the pen in a controlled manner without exerting too much pressure. This otherwise leads to cramping and rapid hand fatigue. The ergonomic recessed grips of our STABILO EASYgraph pencil and the rubberised grip zones of our unbreakable and thick mechanical pencil STABILO EASYergo 3.15 and the rollerball STABILO EASYoriginal always provide a perfect grip and are therefore ideal for learning to write.
Step 3

Practising writing

Once the child has mastered the first steps, it is time to "practice writing" in order to develop individual and efficient handwriting. The STABILO EASYbuddy fountain pen, as well as the STABILO EASYgraph S thin pencil and the STABILO EASYergo 1.4 mechanical pencil, are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Top grades from experts

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Bruder, Head of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors at Darmstadt University of Technology and an expert in ergonomics:
"For novice writers, the predefined grip posture offers support in developing their own optimal grip posture. As a scientist, I can recommend STABILO EASY pens. Parents are making a good choice for their children."

Dr. Christian Marquardt, fine motor skills expert:
"If you build a bridge from drawing to writing for novice writers, you make the path to fluent handwriting much easier for them."

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