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STABILO Study Influencers

STABILO Study Influencers

Zara Malik

My name’s Zara, and I have recently graduated with a First Class Honours in English with Creative Writing. Alongside my studies, I have created content on my Instagram, providing the top study tips for my strong student following. I have also started creating lifestyle content, including posts about my day-to-day life. I have been a STABILO Influencer for almost five years and have enjoyed every second.

Leonie Law

Hello! 안녕하세요! My name's Leonie and I share my Korean-learning journey on my studygram @ddalgi.uwu! If you like Kpop, Kdramas, Kfood, or Kculture, you can find my vocab lists, culture dives, and journal spreads (all made with my fave STABILO products) on my Insta account! Let's learn together! 화이팅~

Jessica Westhead

Hi, I'm Jessica and I am at university studying nursing. I am a stationery addict, especially STABILO highlighters and spend my spare time reading and writing. Prior to university, I completed A Levels in English, Spanish and Biology so studying is unavoidable for me. But I enjoy writing notes and using different types of stationery!

Kaitlyn Bodsworth

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn, an undergraduate student studying Forensic Anthropology (that’s the study of anatomy and the skeleton). Alongside uni I document my classes and notes on my Instagram (always featuring my favourite STABILO products of course), as well as recently branching into more lifestyle & gaming content as well :)


I'm a psychology student, currently on a placement year and a part-time tutor! Not only do I use STABILO stationary to make pretty notes and plans, I also enjoy using them for drawing and art in my free time!

Lauren Fisher

I'm Lauren, here to make maths intriguing and accessible. On my Instagram, it's all about bringing a fresh spin to numbers and equations, ideal for the curious minds of teens and young adults. Teaming up with STABILO, we’re adding a splash of creativity to our mathematical explorations – making each concept not just understandable, but also visually stunning. Join in and experience maths like never before!

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