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STABILO rollerball pens for learning to write

Makes you want to write

Rollerball pens are a good link between the pencil, and are very easy to master, unlike the fountain pen, which is more demanding in terms of motor skills. They enable children to gain their first experiences with ink without overtaxing them. In principle, rollerball pens are preferable to fountain pens if children have not yet developed good, automated writing motor skills.

Perfect for writing beginners

This is precisely why the STABILO EASYoriginal rollerball pen has been delighting writing beginners everywhere for over 15 years. In addition to its trendy colour combinations, which simply make you want to write, it is characterised by an ergonomic design that is perfectly tailored to the needs of novice writers. Non-slip recessed grips provide a secure hold and enable fatigue-free, relaxed writing.
The easy writing guidance and the specially regulated ink flow produce a clean typeface - without blotting or scratching. In addition, ink only flows when the rollerball is moved. This means there are no "ink lakes" like with fountain pens when children linger longer with the tip in one place on the paper. In addition, the ink flow is always even - regardless of the writing pressure. The ink also dries quickly, which ensures clean writing without smudging even for left handers. And with each new ink cartridge, the STABILO EASYoriginal receives a new writing tip.

Frequently asked questions:

The answer depends very much on the child's motor skills. Rollerball pens are preferable to fountain pens if children have not yet developed good and automated writing motor skills. However, if children are already achieving good results with the pencil, can apply pressure well and write fluently and rhythmically, then the fountain pen is a good choice immediately after the pencil.
Like school fountain pens, rollerball pens for children starting school should be tailored to their specific needs. This starts with non-slip grip recesses in special versions for left- and right-handers that are adapted to the child's hand and offer a secure grip. Because if pens are slippery, a feeling of loss of control quickly arises during use, which leads to a subconsciously firmer grip, which in turn leads to faster muscle fatigue. And it goes as far as an ink flow that is matched to the (low) writing frequency of children for quick drying of the ink on the paper.
None. The two terms are used synonymously.