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STABILO Artist Influencers

STABILO Artist Influencers

Sean Southerland-Kirby

Sean, also known as Uncle Frogface, is a versatile multidisciplinary artist, crafter, and passionate mental health advocate. With his engaging YouTube channel, he combines his artistic talents with genuine discussions on mental well-being, inspiring viewers through creativity. Through his artistic endeavours and compassionate voice, Sean strives to make a positive impact in the online community.

Kayleigh Milton

I am a self-taught lettering and window artist who typically adopts a clean and simplistic style. I adore modern calligraphy and my preferred tool is a brush pen. I have tried and tested many varieties, but the STABILO 68 brush pen is hands down my favourite to work with!

Paul M Wilson

While I’m based in the north of England, I’m a big fan of drawing animals from all around the world. Much of my artwork is done in pastel pencils, with my style ranging from cartoon bears to much more realistic tigers. I’ve been a STABILO influencer since 2019, and I’m thrilled to be part of it all!

Donna Saunders

My passion for art stems from seeing my Uncles watercolour paintings as a little girl. At 10 he bought me my first watercolour set (which I still have) and the rest is history. I try to draw every day and love trying out all different mediums. Drawing is my downtime from being a mother and art therapy for my chronic illnesses.

Vicky Kuhn

Vicky is a freelance illustrator based in Lincoln. Preferring traditional media including watercolour and pencil, her works celebrates colour and whimsy. She has illustrated 14 children’s books to date and enjoys designing greetings cards and creating custom illustrations for clients. She also runs workshops in schools to teach drawing and character creation.

Nichola Heywood

My name is Nichola I'm 33 years old from Cumbria in north west England. I have 2 cats and 1 jack Russell who thinks he’s a cat. I love nature which is also often inspiration for my art and I couldn't live without a cup of tea.

Emily Towler

As a pastel artist, I love being able to create something that looks so real but up-close has all the texture and softness that pastel creates. Focusing on mainly portraiture, I like to explore imagery of animals, people and pop culture. I gravitated towards pastels after years of experience working in regular pencil. I then found STABILO CarbOthello Chalk/Pastel pencils and haven’t gone a day without them since!

Kara Roberts

I'm Kara and I've had a passion for art and drawing for as long as I can remember. I like to experiment with various mediums, ink is my absolute favourite. I love anything to do with nature, wildlife and all things witchy and a lot of my artwork is inspired by these things.

Henry Lees

Dabbling with analogue and digital mediums for 12 years, I recently reintroduced myself to a basic spirograph set. Realising the method married my favourite elements of traditional and generative mediums, I have amassed a formidable agglomeration of “Wild Gears” and seek to utilise them in unique ways to transform the basic shapes they create into something else altogether.

Alessandra Rigillo

My name is Alessandra Rigillo and I’m an Italian Artist based in London. My work is strong, colourful and bold and I like to use a range of medium, in particular coloured pencils, for my abstract and figurative pieces. My inspiration often come from African and Textile Art and from other contemporary Artists.

Katie Hill

I’m a pet portrait artist from Surrey , I also run my own art group called chit chat sketch. We love the STABILO products and everyone in the group has a set of the CarbOthello chalk pastel pencils. They are great for all ages. Here are a few of my pieces.

Colourful Patterns

I have enjoyed colouring right from being a small child. When I had a child of my own, many years of her childhood we spent time colouring together. I have continued this on when adult colouring books became popular. My favourite thing to colour are Mandalas and of course using my favourite STABILO pens. My Instagram is colourfulpatterns123

Donna Michelle Nicholson

Donna is a self taught illustration artist, with a formal background in Fine Art. She is self-confessed geek who enjoys drawing from comic books, pop culture and anything with a hint of nostalgia. Her preferred mediums include pencils, markers and paint. She is currently obsessed with STABILO CarbOthello chalk pastel pencils. She rediscovered her passion for art while home educating her daughter, and is currently illustrating her first children’s book.

Hannah Campion

Water, swimming and rainbow obsessions led to creating magical environments. Diving with aqua orbs, violet blues and fluorescing Fijian corals: merging with sparkles and kaleidoscopes from behind my eyes make my colourful artworks. My painting are meditation and these playful, floating creations have taken me worldwide. Come and join!

Bonnita Doodles

A neurodiverse, chronically ill artist whose love of colour makes her art visually stimulating. With a love of all things unique her art can range from photo realistic drawings to abstract pencils and watercolours. Her art is as diverse as her conditions.

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