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What is a gel pen: 

Gel pens (also known as gel rollers) are technically related to ballpoint pens and rollerball pens, and are among the most popular pens in the world because they offer a very smooth writing experience. This is due to a gel-like ink that is thicker than the water-based ink of an ink roller, but thinner than the ink of ballpoint pens.

What makes gel pens stand out:

Gel pens impress with very high opacity with intense colours. In addition, due to their thick fluidity, gel inks can be provided with particles that, for example, provide glitter effects on the paper.

Frequently asked questions:

Technically, the barrels of all three types of pens are similar in design. The main difference lies in the inks used. For example, the gel pen has a gel-like ink that is thicker than the water-based ink of a rollerball, but thinner than the ink of ballpoint pens, resulting in different writing characteristics:
The rollerball, for example, is the pen with the most fluid ink flow in the literal sense, making it well-suited for particularly fast and gliding writing. The gel pen, on the other hand, feels very soft when writing and usually has the most intensive ink output. The ballpoint pen, on the other hand, impresses with the longest writing length and is usually the most durable of the three because the ink does not dry up even after a long time.
In principle, gel pens are suitable for anyone who likes to write softly and with intense colours. However, gel inks generally dry relatively slowly on the paper and small "ink lumps" can collect at the tip, which can make smudging a problem, especially for left-handers.
Gel ballpoint pen is a synonymous term for gel pens. This is a technology that is similar in structure to a ballpoint pen, but offers a very soft writing feel. The reason for this is a gel-like ink, which on the one hand is more viscous than the water-based ink of a rollerball pen, but on the other hand is thinner than the ink of ballpoint pens.