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Greater flexibility for your creativity: Pen 68 with flexible brush tip.

With the STABILO Pen 68 brush, both beginners and advanced artists can do brush lettering. Simply vary the pressure on the tip to determine how thick or thin the line will be. In 30 exciting colors. Ideal for great creative techniques such as color progressions or watercolor effects. That brings excitement to do-it-yourself projects and personal design. The brilliant, lush results feature great coverage and you’ll be proud to show them off! At STABILO, we rely on more than 50 years of experience.

The Premium felt-tip pen STABILO Pen 68 brush with a flexible brush tip in a cardboard wallet with 24 colors. You can find a list of color names and color numbers under Properties.

  • The pen for creative moments: the Pen 68 brush and its flexible brush tip are all you need to be creative!
  • Perfect motivation for brush lettering beginners because you quickly get a feel for the pressure you need to vary the line thickness – immediate success guaranteed!
  • Ideal for advanced artists because they can use the Pen 68 brush to apply a wide variety of creative techniques with it – the ideal tool for brush and hand lettering, journaling, comics and much more
  • Dazzling artworks make everyone smile, thanks to the great color and coverage
  • Practical: Because they use the same water-based ink, the Pen 68 and Pen 68 brush colors match perfectly for 1001 creative options
  • Achieve special effects with water-based ink by applying color blending and watercolor techniques while the ink is still wet.
  • Tip: thanks to the water-based ink, you can create impressive and magical watercolor effects with a brush and a little water. The results depend on the color and paper selected. For the best effects, use watercolor paper
  • Color blending gives each artwork a special touch: simply hold the tips of two pens next to each other to create unique colour progressions
  • A perfect match for combined creative projects: the inks of the Pen 68 brush colors are identical with those of Pen 68 and point 88 standard colors, corresponding with them exactly
  • Developed by and together with fans - made to meet creative needs

Age Group:

3 - 99

Color Description:

Prussian blue, apricot, black, brown, carmine, dark blue, dark ochre, dark red, green, leaf green, light green, lilac, medium cold grey, orange, purple, turquoise blue, ultramarine, violet, yellow



Ergonomic Product:





for left- and right-handers



Line Width:

max. 4 mm



Shaft Color:

white with edges in writing color

Ventilated Cap:


Visible On Dark Surfaces:



not washable

Water Resistant: