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Traditional design with modern features

Is grey the new black?

THEN THIS GRAPHITE PENCIL IS THE ONE FOR YOU. Grab this classic graphite pencil and get creating! Draw, sketch, shade, write or design whatever you want – your creativity can be limitless in various shades of grey. Break-proof, finely graded leads – from very soft to very hard – make this pencil just the tool you need. Enjoy!

The graphite pencil STABILO Othello in a cardboard wallet of 6 with a mixed assortment of grades of hardness: 2B, B, HB, f, H, 2H.

  • classic STABILO stripes design
  • Available in 10 degrees - from very soft (4B) to very hard (4H)
  • Break-proof lead
  • Comfortable varished surface

Age Group:

3 - 99

Color Description:

graphite grey

Ergonomic Product:



2B, 2H, B, F, H, HB




for left- and right-handers

Lead diameter:

0 mm



Shaft Color:


Visible On Dark Surfaces:


With Eraser:



Unbreakable lead

The unbreakable lead and the pleasantly grippy barrel surface allow relaxed handling for putting creative ideas and thoughts on paper.

10 different degrees of hardness

The 10 different hardness grades from very soft (4B) to very hard (4H) offer a wide choice for any kind of drawing project and thus there are no limits to creativity!

Multiple drawing techniques

The STABILO Othello ARTY is suitable for a wide range of techniques: whether drawing, sketching, shading, writing or illustrating - it is the perfect pencil for anyone who wants to express themselves creatively on paper!

Individual combination of ARTY products

The pencil sketches can be combined and expanded with other products from the ARTY range to create color-intensive projects on paper.

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