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Express yourself with colors
German quality
For more than 165 years
Perfect precision

The STABILO Original is a premium quality, thin-core colored pencil for all hobby artists, art students and professional draftsmen. Its thin, highly elastic and yet unbreakable lead makes it the perfect colored pencil for hair-thin, clean lines. It convinces with a high lightfastness and brilliant colors.

The colored pencil STABILO Original as a single pencil in the color green (530).

  • thin, highly elastic and unbreakable lead
  • high light fastness and color brilliance
  • perfect for hair-thin, clean lines
  • Lead diameter: 2.5 mm
  • partially paintable with water: contours remain visible
  • Available in 39 colors
  • available in 39 colors

Age group:

3 - 99



Color description:

English red deep, Indian yellow, Indian yellow deep, Prussian blue, apricot, bister, burnt red umber, burnt umber, caput mortuum violet middle, carmine red deep, cold grey 5, cyan blue, gold, green, leaf green, leaf green deep, lemon yellow, light ochre, madder rose light, neutral black, neutral yellow, olive green, orange red, permanent red, permanent red deep, red violet, silver, sky blue deep, titanium white, turquoise, turquoise blue, ultramarine, ultramarine middle, vermillion red tone, violet blue deep, violet deep, viridian matt deep, warm grey 5, ½ red - ½ blue

Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Lead width:

2,5 mm

Light fastness:

5 - *****



Shaft color:

in writing color



Visible on dark surfaces:



not applicable