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Pretty in Pastel

STABILO swing cool Pastel is the perfect solution for all those who want to highlight with subtle, soft colours on the move.

STABILO swing cool Pastel

STABILO swing cool Pastel, available in 14 pastel colours, is the ideal companion for all those who want to set highlights and play with subtle and soft tones. STABILO Anti-Dry-Out Technology provides 4 hours of protection against drying out and enables concentrated work. With the practical clip and its slim shape, it is the perfect companion for on the go.


The STABILO swing cool Pastel’s fourteen colours are absolute eye-catchers. Whether touch of turquoise, milky yellow, pink blush, lilac haze, creamy peach, hint of mint, cloudy blue, dash of lime, cherry blossom pink or mellow coral red or latest introduced colours dusty grey, breezy blue, frozen fuchsia and pale orange: the subtle shades are the perfect complement to striking neon colours. These pocket-sized highlighter pens offer 4-hour dry-out protection. The chisel tip with two line widths – 1mm and 4mm – makes them perfect for highlighting texts of various sizes as well as for drawing lines of different thicknesses. Anyone who pulls the STABILO swing cool Pastel out of their pocket can show off a practical and highly stylish accessory that will catch everyone’s eye.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Fourteen soft and beautiful pastel colours.
  • For undisturbed and concentrated work: STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology for 4 hours dry-out protection
  • Slim pocket-sized highlighter with a practical clip.
  • The chisel tip draws broad and slim lines, with line widths of 1mm and 4mm
  • Start highlighting and creating with the high-quality STABILO water-based ink
  • Also available in 8 fluorescent colours

cloudy blue 275/111-8 dash of lime 275/133-8 cherry blossom pink 275/150-8 mellow coral red 275/140-8 touch of tourquoise 275/113-8 hint of mint 275/116-8 creamy peach 275/126-8 pink blush 275/129-8 milky yellow 275/144-8 lilac haze 275/155-8 breezy blue 275/112-8 pale orange 275/125-8 frozen fuchsia 275/158-8 dusty grey 275/194-8

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO swing cool Pastel comes in 14 colours:

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