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For little artists

STABILO woody 3 in 1 - coloured pencil, wax crayon and watercolour all in one. Now also available in 6 pastel colours!

STABILO woody 3 in 1
Multi-talented coloured pencil

Colouring pencil, water colour or wax crayon? The STABILO woody 3 in 1 makes the decision easy, because it can do it all. Young artists will be able to draw and paint to their hearts’ content.


The STABILO woody 3 in 1 is perfect for kids to draw and paint and ideal for parents too – it washes off windows and is suitable for many surfaces besides just paper or cardboard. STABILO woody 3 in 1 is a range of 24 coloured pencils that also function as wax crayons and watercolours, making them ideal for aquarelle work. They offer vibrant colour intensity and opacity and even work on dark paper. STABILO woody 3 in 1 pencils are long lasting as their thick shaft contains as much colour as eight standard coloured pencils. The STABILO woody is so versatile it can even complement the more mature artist’s toolkit.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Multi-talent: Coloured pencil, watercolour and wax crayon in one
  • Great coverage and colour intensity even on dark paper and cardboard
  • Deep, velvety lines
  • Also works on flat surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, ceramics etc. and can easily be removed with water
  • Perfect for colouring large surfaces and trying out various colouring techniques
  • XXL lead contains eight times as much colour as standard coloured pencils
  • The thick, round shape is particularly easy for children to hold
  • Extra thick, robust and non-breakable lead with a lead diameter of 10 mm
  • Available in 24 different colours

yellow 880/205 orange 880/220 STABILOred 880/310 flesh pink 880/335 ultramarine 880/405 cyan blue 880/450 dark green 880/533 leaf green 880/570 brown 880/630 black 880/750 pastel yellow 880/201 pastel red 880/301 pastel pink 880/302 pastel lilac 880/303 pastel blue 880/402 pastel green 880/503

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO woody 3 in 1 is available in 24 rich colours. Here are some of the favorite ones.

How to draw with STABILO woody 3 in 1!

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