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Funky & wild

STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals - discover your wild side with these fun mini-highlighters!


Welcome to the STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals limited edition – a set of 5 funny and funky mini-highlighters. Perfect for everybody that is looking for the unusual. These pocket highlighters with the intriguing glow in the dark imprint will easily fit into a pocket, pencil case or handbag, and they also make a great gift idea!

Time to go wild

How do you turn school into a jungle and daily routine into an adventure? Easy: with the STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals. The fun and colorful animal imprints even glow in the dark! The ink of the STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals is water-based, making them worry-free to use. These funky, fluorescent highlighters are always a great gift idea. Handy to fit into a pocket or pencil case, they are perfect for highlighting text or drawing. They offer high-quality workmanship and are designed for superior ink flow and comfort. Thanks to STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology they can be left with their caps off for up to 4 hours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • The classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in mini format
  • Printed with 5 funny animal friends
  • Characters with super-glow effect: highlight in the dark
  • STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology: 4 hours dry-out protection
  • STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort
  • 5 fluorescent colors
  • 2 line widths: 2 + 5 mm for drawing lines of varying thickness
  • Water-based ink

yellow 07/24-6 blue 07/31-6 green 07/33-6 orange 07/54-6 pink 07/56-6

Add some color to your life!

STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals come in 5 colors.

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