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Express yourself with colors
German quality
For more than 165 years

STABILO pointMax

Creativity on point

For the joy of writing

Developed to write in the utmost comfort, once you've tried it out you never wanna miss it anymore. What makes the STABILO pointMax so special is its uniquely robust and durable pen tip. Specifically designed to create a consistent "M" (medium) 0.8 mm line width, it is ideal for everyday tasks and special hobbies alike. Whether writing a birthdaycard to someone special, your ideas on sticky notes in a creative session, quick notes on the phone or you are simply ruling lines, the 0.8 mm line width ensures efficiency, finesse and visibility. The rich and vibrant palette of 42 colors is designed for you to truly express yourself. The STABILO pointMax comes with a practical and handy clip and you can leave the cap off for up to 24 hours without ink and tip drying out.

The writing felt-tip pen STABILO pointMax as a single pen in the writing color deep cold grey (97).

  • Robust nylon tip ideal for expressive writing and sketching
  • Handy pen length and practical clip for on the go
  • Cap can be attached to the end of the pen
  • Line width: 0.8 mm
  • Broad choice of brilliant colors

Age group:

3 - 99





Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Line width (mm):

0,8 mm



Shaft color:

in writing color

Ventilated cap:


Visible on dark surfaces:



no specification



Unique tip

The robust nylon tip was especially developed for high-volume writers.

Writing Feel

Comfortable and pleasant writing feeling, also under heavy use. No scratching just sensitive feedback.

Color-intensive lines

Bring intensive lines to paper with a 0.8 mm tip and a choice of more than 40 colors.

Writing and drawing

Perfect to write and draw on post-it notes, on study notes, during workshops and lessons or just at home.

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