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Express yourself with colors
German quality
For more than 165 years
The classic pencil with rubber tip

STABILO Othello. Pencil for artists, hobbyists, pupils, students and anyone who always needs a pencil to hand. Classic STABILO stripe design. Pencil without eraser, 10 finely graded degrees of hardness - from very soft (4B) to very hard (4H). Lacquered, pleasantly non-slip surfaces.

The graphite pencil STABILO Othello as a single pencil with eraser, degree of hardness: HB.

  • Hexagon pencil with a classic stripe design
  • Unbreakable lead
  • Pencil with practical eraser
  • 3 degrees of hardness: 2B, B, HB
  • Lacquered, pleasantly non-slip surface

Age group:

3 - 99

Degree of hardness:


Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Lead width:

2,2 mm



Shaft color:


Visible on dark surfaces:


With rubber tip:


A wide range of drawing techniques

The STABILO Othello is perfect for a wide variety of techniques: drawing, sketching, shading, writing and illustrating – it’s the perfect pencil for all those wishing to express themselves creatively on paper!

10 graded degrees

Ranging from very soft (4B) to very hard (4H), the 10 graded degrees provide a broad selection for every kind of drawing project, so your creativity has completely free rein!

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