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Fountain pen

The STABILO beYou! Fountain pen is available in trendy designs. It's the perfect fashion statements for school, university and the office. These fountain pens come with a non-slip grip zone for neat and tidy handwriting and in two different shaft sizes to suit every writing style.

For every style. For every personality.

The beYou! Fountain pen range with the two models beCrazy! and beFab! offers the perfect fountain pen for everyone! Trendy and modern designs: from loud and eye-catching to soft and elegant.

The trendy pastel colors of the beYou! Fountain pen range will set real highlights in every writing case! The beCrazy! models with slim shaft and colorful and vivid motifs are perfect for school children as well as adults. The beFab! line with a classic thick shaft adds subtly varied accents with graphical elements and structures.

Make your writing more special and stylish.
Product features:

Product features:

  • The right nib for everyone – available in slim and thick designs.
  • STABILO beCrazy! in slim design – available in crazy and exciting designs.
  • STABILO beFab! for a solid hold with thick design – available in simple designs.
  • Always up to date: comes in a variety of trendy fountain pen designs.
  • Matches to individual writing habits and to individual style.
  • Comfortable writing due to non-slip grip zone.
  • Neat and tidy handwriting through easy handling – won’t blot, won’t scratch.
  • Attachable cap on the end of fountain pen.
  • Easy to correct using an ink eraser thanks to its erasable ink in royal blue.
  • Refillable with standard cartridges that can also be used in STABILO beYou! Rollerballs.
  • Fountain pen comes with one cartridge.

blue 5040/1-2-41 rhodamine red 5040/1-3-41 melon 5040/7-2-41 pineapple 5040/7-3-41 Pastel mint/white 5040/26-6-41 Pastel turquoise/white 5040/26-7-41 Pastel pink/white 5040/26-8-41 Pastel lilac/white 5040/26-9-41

Add some color to your life!

STABILO beYou! comes in 17 different designs. Here are some of the favorite ones.

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