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STABILO point 88

Your learning helper for perfect structure in your notes

Your learning helper for perfect structure in your notes

The instantly recognizable STABILO point 88 fineliner is a timeless classic, with over 3 billion pieces sold and loved by so many all over the world. No matter whether you wish to structure your papers, underline with different colors, take notes or write full texts, our wide range of 65 brilliant colors, including pastel and neon shades will have you covered. Also if you like to sketch, outline and draw the STABILO point 88 is a great tool. The fineliner with its metal encased tip is the perfect companion for schoolchildren, students, creative people and professionals. An 0.4 mm line width and excellent quality make this a product you can rely on and enjoy using every day.

The fineliner STABILO point 88 in a solid metal box with 50 pens, assorted in 47 colors. You can find a list of the color names and color numbers under Properties.

  • Available in 65 brilliant colors, including 6 neon shades and many pastel colors
  • Great for precise work with rulers and stencils without smearing
  • Sturdy and durable metal-enclosed tip
  • Fine line width of 0.4 mm
  • Excellent dry-out protection without the need to close the cap
  • Cap can be placed at the back of the pen during usage
  • Iconic hexagonal design orange with white edge stripes

Age group:

3 - 99





Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Line width (mm):

0,4 mm



Shaft color:

orange with white edges

Ventilated cap:


Visible on dark surfaces:



no specification



Metal-cased tip

The metal-cased tip ensures a long service life for the STABILO point 88.

Suitable for rulers and stencils

The STABILO point 88 is great for working with a ruler and stencil, making it the ideal companion for school, college and work.

High protection against drying out without cap

Due to the high protection against drying out without a cap, the point 88 can also be laid open to the side during working.

Cap can be attached to the end of the pen

The cap of the STABILO point 88 can simply be slipped onto the end of the pencil so that it does not get lost.

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