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Tutorial nib adjustment

Welcome to the STABILO EASYbirdy nib adjustment tutorial for parents

In order to give your child an optimal individual hand posture, STABILO's unique, ergonomic fountain pen features an adjustable nib that can be optimally adapted in three angles to suit your child’s hand posture. As a result, the pen will always be at the correct angle on the paper, which will ensure smooth and relaxed writing: no blotting, no scratching.  Thus, this innovative school fountain pen also facilitates the creation and expression of one’s own handwriting. The STABILO EASYbirdy is available in special versions for left-handers and right-handers.

You already bought a STABILO EASYbirdy fountain pen but you don’t have the matching red EASYbirdy adjustment tool to adapt the nib to suit your child’s hand posture? Please get here in touch with our customer service and we will send you the adjustment tool free of charge.

Step-by-step manual: how to adjust the fountain pen nib for your child

Step 1
Remove the cap of the fountain pen.

Step 2
Unscrew the pen’s body section from the grip section and remove the ink cartridge from the front part.

Step 3
Insert the red EASYbirdy adjustment tool into the grip section and turn the tool counter-clockwise until the front part with the nib loosens. You can now use your fingers to easily adjust the nib into three different positions (marked with three small notches on the back of the nib).

Step 4
Now set to one of the other two other angles (+1 or -1) NB the tip of the little triangle under the three notches is pointing to one of the two outer notches. Hold the tip in the position you have chosen and screw the adjustment tool in clockwise until you hear a repeated clicking noise. Perfect! The nib is now set in the desired position.

Step 5
Insert the ink cartridge into the front section and screw the pen’s body back on.

Step 6 
Let the child test the new setting compared to the original setting (= set in the neutral position) and take note of the following factors: a) is the nib straight when putting pen to paper; b) is the writing even and full; c) can you hear scratching sounds; d) what is the child’s opinion about writing with the pen.

Step 7
Repeat steps 2 to 6 with the third nib setting.

Step 8
Finally, set the nib to the position with the best overall result.

The factory setting of the fountain pen nib is always Pos. 0 (tip of little triangle beneath the three notches points to the  middle notch)

a) If your child’s hand posture is disproportionately inclined to the left, please turn the nib one notch to the right (Pos. -1 = tip of little triangle beneath the three notches points to the left-hand notch)

b) If the hand posture of your kid is disproportionately inclined to the right, please turn the nib one notch to the left (Pos. +1 = tip of little triangle beneath the three notches points to the right-hand notch).

You can find more detailed information about the STABILO EASYbirdy ergonomic fountain pen on the product pages.