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STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Ink Level Indicator Idea

It marks and marks and marks .... our refillable STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter has a very long lifespan and is hard to get empty. Nevertheless, there comes a point at which the ink is used up - sometimes unfortunately also at an inconvenient moment, e.g. an exam situation. Wouldn't it be great if you could check beforehand whether you need to replace the BOSS ORIGINAL soon or even more sustainable, to refill it with one of our refills? Our development department has found an interesting solution. We would like to introduce this to you briefly: The STABILO BOSS ink level indicator

  • STABILO BOSS seesaw
  • Clean, smooth and straight surface (e.g. a pad of paper)
  • Smartphone
  • STABILO ink level indicator app

Please note: This is just a prototype and the seesaw and app is not yet available for purchase.

Which of the two STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighters is almost empty?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer this question at the first glance. The two highlighters look and feel the same. But one of them won't mark for much longer since it contains almost no more ink.

This invention could be the solution to the problem

Even if it doesn't look like it at first glance, you can find out the approximate ink level of the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL with the help of the white seesaw. Let yourself be surprised.

The BOSS ORIGINAL has to be inserted without a cap into the white seesaw with the tip pointing down. And the level indicator is placed on a clean, smooth and level surface.

Now let yourself be surprised.

Taking advantage of the metronome effect

The so-called metronome effect is known in the music sector as a clock generator.

The less ink there is in the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL, the faster and less far it swings inside the seesaw (first video).

The more ink there is in the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL, the more slowly and further it swings inside the seesaw (second video).

Use of the STABILO Ink Level Indicator App on the smartphone

The STABILO app is opened on the smartphone. The screen is pointed at the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in the seesaw and the recording (measurement) is activated.

The BOSS ORIGINAL is tilted to the left (or right) with the finger down to the base, which has to be a clean, smooth and straight surface (e.g. a pad of paper).

The app records the oscillation of the highlighter and then shows the approximate ink level of the BOSS in three possible levels:

GREEN sign: Existing ink content is completely sufficient.
YELLOW sign: You should buy a new BOSS or a refill soon.
RED sign: The ink is almost empty and the BOSS will not mark any more soon.

*As this is a prototype the color result is not shown yet on the screen of the smartphone