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In the mid-1920s the Schwan pencil factory launched a revolutionary new product, destined to last into the next millennium. The invention of the "STABILO" thin-lead pencil not only meant an enormous improvement in the durability of what used to be easily breakable leads, but, in particular, also improved the company's position on the market and gave it a clear advantage over its competitors. 

"STABILO" in particular was therefore responsible for an enormous boost for the Schwan pencil company. Due to the war, however, another twenty years passed before the STABILO name was incorporated into the new "Schwan-STABILO" trademark in 1954, demonstrating its huge brand awareness. 

Fifty years years on, with the never-bettered clear white against a red background together with the swan logo, STABILO still stands for innovation,quality and internationality in the writing instruments market.

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