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Improving a child’s writing has never been easier!

The fountain pen with a twist now comes in three pastel colors!

The ergonomically shaped STABILO EASYbirdy school fountain pen was specially developed for students who want to improve their writing skills with ease. The STABILO EASYbirdy is unique in many ways: the spring can be optimally adjusted to the child's hand position at three angles. So far, no other fountain pen manufacturer has offered this helpful technical sophistication. As a result, the nib always lies at an optimal angle on the paper and ensures a uniquely soft writing experience and a clean typeface. No scratching - no blobs! This innovative fountain pen also makes it easier for schools to create and express their own handwriting. The Pastel range enchants the pupils with 3 soft color shades.

The ergonomic school fountain pen STABILO EASYbirdy Pastel for right-handed children in a soft pink/apricot design and a standard-sized M nib. Together with one ink cartridge blue, erasable.

  • Ergonomic fountain pen
  • Individually adjustable nib angle for neat and tidy handwriting
  • Special version for left- and right-handers
  • Non-slip grip zone
  • Enclosed nib to prevent ink-stained fingers
  • Royal blue erasable ink
  • Refillable
  • Space for inscribing name

Age group:

3 - 99



Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for right-handers

Nib width:




Shaft color:

soft pink/apricot

Target group:

Children, Student, Writing beginner

Visible on dark surfaces:


Click here for a step-by-step manual on the nib adjustment:

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