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Chalk-pastel pencil STABILO CarbOthello Single pencil - raw umber (610)

€2.35*incl. VAT

  • Pastel chalk pencil with a dry, dusty smear like charcoal or charcoal
  • Can be mixed and wiped dry
  • Partially paintable: contours remain visible
Color spectrum selection
No. 620
burnt ochre
No. 675
French red ochre
No. 685
light ochre
No. 610
raw umber
No. 655
English red deep
No. 640
caput mortuum violet
No. 681
No. 670
burnt Sienna
No. 615
dark ochre
No. 635
No. 625
burnt umber
No. 690
golden ochre
No. 680
No. 695
Naples yellow
No. 210
orange yellow
No. 692
golden ochre light
No. 205
neutral yellow
No. 215
Indian yellow
No. 460
turquoise blue
No. 440
sky blue
No. 430
ultramarine middle
No. 390
Prussian blue
No. 405
No. 400
Parisian blue
No. 435
ultramarine light
No. 425
cobald blue
No. 450
cyan blue
No. 722
cold grey 2
No. 708
warm grey 5
No. 110
grey white
No. 720
cold grey 1
No. 724
cold grey 3
No. 700
warm grey 1
No. 704
warm grey 3
No. 770
Payne's grey
No. 726
cold grey 4
No. 310
carmine red
No. 305
vermillion red tone
No. 645
caput mortuum red
No. 311
carmine red middle
No. 365
violet light
No. 385
violet deep
No. 330
No. 642
caput mortuum violet light
No. 325
carmine red deep
No. 335
No. 585
olive green
No. 595
leaf green deep
No. 575
leaf green
No. 590
viridian matt
No. 560
leaf green pale
No. 530
No. 570
leaf green middle
No. 545
green light
No. 105
No. 100
titanium white
No. 750
neutral black
No. 760
lamp black
No. 221
Product number: 1400/610
Creating vibrant art

The STABILO CarbOthello have a wonderfully dry and dusty smear like charcoal or charcoal. Paper with a rough surface is an advantage because the pigment particles adhere better to it. Thanks to the soft lead, the STABILO CarbOthello is also ideal for sensitive drawing paper.

The STABILO CarbOthello chalk-pastel pencil as a single pencil in the color raw umber (610).

  • drier dusty smear as with charcoal or charcoal
  • dry mixable and wipeable
  • partially paintable: contours remain visible
  • strong luminosity and opacity thanks to high pigment content
  • brilliant colors - even on dark backgrounds and sensitive paper
  • excellent light fastness
  • Lead diameter: 4.4 mm
  • available in 60 colors
  • Zu 100 % aus streng kontrolliertem, PEFC-zertifiziertem Holz

Age Group:

3 - 99



Color Description:

raw umber

Ergonomic Product:





for left- and right-handers

Lead diameter:

4,4 mm


2 - **



Shaft Color:

in writing color

Visible On Dark Surfaces:



not applicable