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Great water-painted works of art can be created with the premium STABILOaquacolor colored pencils. Applied to dry paper, the colors can be mixed with a little water and a brush. On damp paper, the colors will blend harmoniously all by themselves. With a damp brush, the color can also be picked up directly from the tip of the pen and transferred to the paper. The high-quality pens with a lead diameter of 2.8 mm offer intensive colors for your works of art. The STABILOaquacolor are available in 36 brilliant colors and areThe perfect choice for all creative color specialists.

The aquarellable color pencil STABILOaquacolor in a cardboard wallet with 24 brilliant colors. You can find a list of color names and color numbers under Properties.

  • high-quality, water-soluble colored pencil
  • incredible color effects
  • intensive color release
  • Lead diameter: 2.8 mm
  • available in 36 colors
  • Zu 100 % aus zertifiziertem, nachhaltigem Holz

Age Group:

3 - 99



Color Description:

English red deep, Indian yellow, May green, apricot, burnt umber red, carmine, coelin blue, dark ochre, dark violet, grey 4k, madder rose, madder rose light, neutral black, neutral yellow, olive green, opaque green, orange, permanent red deep, sky blue deep, sky blue green, titanium white, turquoise middle, ultramarine, viridian matt deep

Ergonomic Product:





for left- and right-handers

Lead diameter:

2,8 mm



Shaft Color:

in writing color

Visible On Dark Surfaces:



not applicable