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The STABILO FREE Acrylic Marker gives you free rein to your creative ideas in many ways. Personalize surfaces, try it yourself, and leave your comfort zone. You make the rules. Whether on paper, cardboard, plastic, canvas, stone, synthetic leather or more. The T800C comes with a broad chisle tip with 4-10 mm line width, ideal for large areas and bold letters. The marker is easy to use: 1) Shake the closed pen vigorously for 30 seconds with the cap closed until the balls it contains move freely. This distributes the pigments evenly. 2) Press the tip 1-2 times on separate paper and allow paint to flow into the tip. 3) Let's go, anything is possible. The versatile acrylic marker impresses with its striking STABILO design and proven STABILO quality.

The acrylic marker STABILO FREE Acrylic T800C as a single pen in the color black (746).

  • New creative options: Acrylic marker with highly opaque ink, dries to a silk-matt finish.
  • Say goodbye to paper: creative design on a variety of surfaces and objects, such as cardboard, canvas, stone, synthetic leather, wood and, of course, paper.
  • Versatile techniques thanks to high-quality acrylic paint: can be blended and mixed when wet, high opacity, can be overpainted when dry
  • When the base surface is more porous, drying is faster and adhesion is better. On very smooth surfaces, we recommend a primer spray and a fixative to increase durability.
  • Easy handling: Shake closed pen vigorously for 30 seconds, pump paint into tip 2-3 times, ready to design
  • Chisel tip with 4-10 mm line width, ideal for surface design and creating statements
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Two perfectly matching color sets "Seaside" and "Bold" inspire and complement to the overall range
  • For best, long-lasting results, replace cap immediately after use and store the pen horizontally
  • Environmentally aware: the pen casing is made of more than 50% recycled plastic, and the cardboard packaging is made of FSC®-certified cardboard.

Age group:

3 - 99





Ergonomic product:


Grip zone:



for left- and right-handers

Line width (mm):

4-10 mm



Shaft color:

black with white edges

Ventilated cap:


Visible on dark surfaces:



not washable



Three tip sizes

The STABILO FREE Acrylic is available in three models with different tips: T100 (round tip, 1-2 mm), T300 (round tip, 2-3 mm) and T800C (wedge tip, 4-10 mm).

Up to 20 colors

The Allrounder T300 is available in 20 different colors. The other two variants T100 and T800C in 10 colors each.

Various surfaces

STABILO FREE Acrylic can be used to draw on many surfaces and objects, e.g. paper, canvas, stone or artificial leather. The colors are waterproof and resistant to light and weather.


The STABILO FREE Acrylic is made out of 50% recycled plastic.

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