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Marker for whiteboard and flipchart
STABILO MARKdry. No more changing pens for whiteboard and flipchart! It writes on smooth, non-porous surfaces and can be easily dry- or wet-wiped (do not use on glass surfaces) - it is just as easy to use as a crayon. Thanks to the solid lead, this marker never dries out and ensures steady colour consistency to the very last stroke. The colour does not bleed or soak through the paper. and the pencil is solvent-free, odourless and made from 100% PEFC-certified wood. A genuine alternative to conventional liquid ink markers.

The whiteboard and flipchart marker pencil STABILO MARKdry in a wallet of 4 colours including a sharpener and a wiping cloth.

  • Wood-cased marker with a dry lead for whiteboards and flipcharts
  • Made from 100% PEFC-certified wood
  • Extremely durable and ready for use at all times, does not dry out
  • Very economical to use and ensures the steady colour consistency until its very last stroke
  • Can be dry- and wet-wiped from smooth, non-porous surfaces
  • Best suited for schools and children
  • Does not bleed or soak through the paper
  • No more losing caps!
  • Solvent-free, odourless

Age Group:

3 - 99

Article Number:




Ergonomic Product:





for left- and right-handers

Lead diameter:

10 mm



Visible On Dark Surfaces: