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Looking for the perfect gift for a creative-minded person? Look no further than the STABILO ARTY Creative set! This set includes 55 high-quality pens - 9x STABILO Pen 68 MAX, 11x STABILO Pen 68, 11x STABILO Pen 68 brush, 12x STABILO point 88, and 12x STABILO pointMax. With such a wide variety of colours and tip styles, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're into drawing fine lines, hand lettering, watercolour effects or precise sketches, this set has you covered. Plus, with the ARTY range, you'll discover a world of brilliant colours that will inspire your creativity. Give the gift of endless possibilities with the STABILO ARTY Creative set!

This STABILO ARTY Creative Set contains 55 pens in total: 9 Pen 68 MAX, 11 Pen 68, 11 Pen 68 brush, 12 point 88 and 12 pointMax.

  • The STABILO Pen 68 features a medium-sized fibre tip that creates bold, vibrant lines perfect for colouring larger areas.
  • STABILO Pen 68 brush features a flexible tip and uses water-based ink perfect for hand lettering.
  • The STABILO Pen 68 MAX is a colour-intensive premium felt-tip pen with a thick chisel tip.
  • STABILO point 88 features a metal-encased tip, perfect for creating precise outlines and details.
  • The STABILO pointMax features a robust 0.8mm medium nylon tip which is ideal for clean clear writing and drawing.
  • Unleash your creativity by combining the features of Pen 68, Pen 68 brush, Pen 68 MAX, point 88, and pointMax with this set.

Age Group:

3 - 99

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Colour Description:

Prussian blue (22), Prussian blue (22), apricot (26), azure (57), azure (57), black (46), black (46), black (46), black (46), blue (41), brown (45), carmine (48), dark grey (96), dark ochre (89), eucalyptus (12), green (36), grey violet (62), leaf green (43), leaf green (43), lemon yellow (24), lemon yellow (24), light blue (31), light green (33), light green (43), light grey (95), lilac (58), lilac (58), lime green (14), medium cold grey (95), medium cold grey (95), mint green (16), orange (54), orange (54), orange (54), pale vermillion (30), pine green (53), pink (56), pink (29), pink (56), pink (56), pistachio (34), purple (19), purple (19), red (40), rust red (47), rust red (47), turquoise blue (51), ultramarine (32), ultramarine (32), violet (55), yellow (44), yellow (44), yellow (44)

Ergonomic Product:



for left- and right-handers

Warning_Small parts that can be swallowed:

Warning! Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Warning! Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.