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Style meets ergonomics!

Shimmering color change effects to make learning to write more fun!

The STABILO EASYoriginal rollerball pen with special versions for right-handed and left-handed people has been created to help those learning to write develop clean and legible writing skills. The ergonomic, non-slip grip area provides a solid hold, intuitively supports the correct pen position with its recessed grip and prevents the muscles getting tired prematurely and pain when writing. The lightness with which it glides over the page helps users to write fluidly. The ink flow is also specially designed for those who are learning to write, preventing the letters from becoming smudged and resulting in clean handwriting. The ball in the tip of the rollerball pen only releases ink when it is placed on the page. This makes “lakes of ink” a thing of the past. Every time it is refilled, the refill including the tip is automatically replaced.

The ergonomic rollerball STABILO EASYoriginal Holograph Edition in magenta design for left-handers.

  • Ergonomic rollerball pen for learning to write, with special versions for left- and right-handers
  • Unique color change effects at the end of the pen
  • Secure hold thanks to non-slip grip zone
  • Relaxed hand posture prevents muscle fatigue and pain when writing
  • Neat and tidy handwriting, no blots or scratches
  • Refilling is child’s play with STABILO EASYoriginal cartridges.
  • Line width: 0.5 mm
  • Specially designed for both right-handed and left-handed children
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, magenta and green

Age Group:

6 - 10

Color Description:




Ergonomic Product:





for left-handers



Line Width:

0,5 mm



Shaft Color:


Target Group:

Children, Writing beginner, elementary school students

Ventilated Cap:


Visible On Dark Surfaces:



no specification

Water Resistant:



For left- or right-handers

Different versions for left- and right-handers provide perfect grip. Unique grip moulds, which are adapted to the size of children's hands, enable the fingers to intuitively find an uncramped and fatigue-free grip.

Name label field

A small name tag can simply be placed onto the field at the rear end of the pen. This way, there will never be any confusion again.

Easy to refill

The STABILO EASYoriginal is super easy and quick to refill. Simply unscrew, insert a new cartridge and close again. With each change, the writing tip is also renewed at the same time.

Different designs

Makes the classroom more colorful: in addition to the classic color combinations, the STABILO EASYoriginal is also available as a holograph variant.

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