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Keep a good grip at all times!

Particularly when learning to write, it is important to guide the pen in a controlled manner without too much pressure, because otherwise your muscles seize up and your hand quickly gets tired. The STABILO EASYgraph therefore has non-slip grip moulds along the entire pencil, which have been developed specifically for both left-handed and right-handed children. These striking non-slip grip moulds mean young writers are always holding their pencil in an optimal way ensuring their hands remain fully relaxed even after longer periods of writing. The lead inside the pencil is also robust and almost impossible to break, making learning to write fun. With the soft and subtle color shades the EASYgraph pastel is a perfect addition to the color range.

Der STABILO EASYgraph im Design pastellblau für Rechtshänder:innen mit dem Härtegrad HB.

  • Ergonomic triangular pencil
  • Non-slip grips
  • 3.15 mm diameter HB lead
  • Name label field
  • PEFC certified wood
  • Available in 4 pastel colors
  • in vier Farben erhältlich: pastellgrün, pastellpink, pastelllila, pastellbla

Age Group:

5 - 10

Color Description:

graphite grey

Ergonomic Product:







for right-handers

Lead diameter:

3,15 mm



Shaft Color:

pastel blue

Target Group:

Children, Preschoolers, Writing beginner, elementary school students

Visible On Dark Surfaces:


With Eraser:



For left- or right-handers

Different versions for left- and right-handers provide optimum grip. The color code at the end of the pen indicates the handedness - yellow for left-handers, red for right-handers.

Non-slip grip moulds

The non-slip grip moulds on the entire pencil and the triangular shape support learning an optimal and relaxed pen grip.

Field for name tag

The name of the child can simply be written on the name tag at the end of the pen. So there will never be any confusion again.

Colors matching EASYsharpener and EASYergo 3.15

Fits together perfectly: the ergonomic STABILO EASYsharpener can sharpener and the ergonomic STABILO EASYergo 3.15 mechanical pencil (except petrol) are also available in the same colors as the STABILO EASYgraph.

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