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Pen 68 metallic - Time to shine!

01. October 2019

Home-made greetings cards and hand lettering are very much in fashion. With the Pen 68 metallic, STABILO is opening up completely new creative options for amateur artists and crafters. The eight shiny...

Sparkle: not just for Christmas

Creative users will be ready for any occasion with the fibre-tip Pen 68 metallic, which brings a touch of glitter to every celebration. The eight vibrant colors – including three new shades – are perfect for adding a personal touch to hand-made greetings cards and decorations. What’s more, thanks to its fine but robust tip, the premium fibre-tip pen is also ideal for the popular practice of hand lettering.

Home-made greetings cards are very much in fashion – and hand lettering is particularly popular. Shimmery metallic highlights are the order of the day, adding embellishment to any message. The STABILO Pen 68 metallic – now available in three more colors – is perfect for these design activities.


Shine on.

With the Pen 68 metallic, STABILO is opening up completely new creative options for amateur artists and crafters. The eight shiny metallic colors make it possible to add beautiful script to not just Christmas cards, but birthday cards and wedding table decorations, too. In addition to the existing colors of gold, silver, copper, metallic blue and metallic green, the premium fibre-tip pen now also comes in metallic violet, metallic pink and metallic light green. The water-based ink, enhanced with premium pigments, gives the colors excellent light fastness. The message or drawing is guaranteed to draw attention – not just on paper and cardboard, but also on dark surfaces or smooth materials such as metal or foil.


Highly versatile – whether for hand lettering or decorating.

The Pen 68 metallic has a sturdy tip that guarantees consistent, rich color application. With a line width of 1.4 millimetres, it is perfect for a wide variety of creative techniques, such as popular hand lettering, which involves designing exciting, intricately patterned text. Fans of creative embellishment will also find a reliable, flexible fibre-tip pen in the Pen 68 metallic.


For more creative freedom.

Another advantage of the STABILO Pen 68 metallic is that it can be used straight away – without any shaking or pumping. This ensures a more fluent creative process and makes it easy to spontaneously start any creative project. And you don’t have to be patient for long after coloring, drawing or hand lettering: the color is dry and smudge-proof within a short period of time. Time for some crafting!

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