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Günlük işlerinizi yaparken bir yandan çevreye değerli katkılarda bulunmak güzel olmaz mıydı? %87 oranında geri dönüşümlü plastikten üretilen fiber uçlu imza kalemi STABILO GREENpoint profesyonellerin, ebeveynlerin, öğretmenlerin, ve okul çocuklarının tam olarak bunu yapmalarını sağlar.

Make a difference!

With an extremely comfortable grip, these felt-tip pens are ideal for using when school or work assignments require a great deal of writing. Whether it is making key highlights on the latest revision notes or writing important texts in a standout color, these fibre-tip pens are perfect for so many tasks. The sturdy 0.8mm tip is excellent at everything from smooth, thick writing to making bold, standout diagrams. With their unique design, these are tools that increase productivity while reducing your carbon footprint.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Manufactured from 87% recycled plastic
  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong, wide 0.8mm diameter tip
  • For smooth writing, powerful highlighting and color-intensive structuring
  • Practical pen clip for increased mobility
  • Available in 6 striking colors

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