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STABILO OHPen universal

İş yerinde ve okulda sunum yapmak STABILO OHPen universal ile artık çok daha kolay. Bu asestat kalemleri serisi 3 yazım genişliğinde(S,F,M) ve kaymaz kavrama noktasıyla, kalıcı veya suda çözünen mürekkep ile birlikte 4 renk seçeneğine sahiptir.

Extremely versatile

You might be a natural at presenting your ideas in front of an audience, but don’t get let down by your equipment. When it comes to overhead projection, these pens are loved by professionals because they are great presentation tools that will not smudge important slides or transparencies. They will also write on almost any hard surface, so are perfect for any task you would normally need a marker for. And with three line widths, a cap-off time of up to 3 days and a choice of either water soluble or permanent ink to choose from in each color, whatever the need the OHPen is more than capable. Everything from fine writing to clear marking can be accomplished to a professional standard.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Writes on almost all smooth surfaces.
  • Non-slip grip zone and practical clip.
  • 8 colors available with grey shaft for water-soluble or black shaft for permanent ink.
  • 3 line widths – Superfine (0.4mm), Fine ( 0.7mm), Medium (1mm).
  • Cap-off time of up to 3 days.

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