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A ballpoint pen with a meaning!

STABILO pointball - manufactured from 79% recycled plastic & world-famous STABILO point 88 design.

STABILO pointball

Bu kartuşlu tükenmez kalem STABILO GREEN ailesinin bir parçasıdır ve çevreyi ve karbon ayak izini önemseyen insanlar için oldukça uygundur. Dünyaca ünlü STABILO point 88 tasarımında %79 dönüştürülmüş plastikten üretilmiş güvenilir bir tükenmez kalemdir. 0.5mm çizgi genişliğinde oldukça yumuşaktır. 6 rengi mevcuttur: mavi,siyah ve yeşil, ve kağıt arkasına geçmez.

Everything's right!

Whether for business or academia, DIY or signing a card for mum, the STABILO pointball will cater for everyone’s needs. This ballpoint pen will suit environmentally-aware school children, students, teachers and professionals alike. It offers a non-slip grip and is extremely soft, making writing speedy and comfortable. So it’s goodbye to hand cramps and hello to a writing aid that cares for both you and the world. Its orange and white striped edges are in the style of the world-famous STABILO point 88. Being refillable, it will also never need replacing. The STABILO pointball and ink cartridges are available in six different colors, including document-proof blue, black and green.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Ballpoint pen in the style of the world-famous STABILO point 88.
  • Manufactured from 79% recycled plastic
  • Extremely soft ballpoint pen ink for fast writing
  • Medium tip with a line width of 0.5 mm
  • Non-slip grip zone
  • With click mechanism
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Document-proof blue, black and green ink
  • Refillable with STABILO Ballpoint Refill

green 6030/36 red 6030/40 blue 6030/41 black 6030/46 lilac 6030/58 turquoise 6030/51

Add some color to your life!

STABILO pointball is available in six colors.

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